Made To Measure & Bespoke

In 2014 when HJ was established we only offered a fully Bespoke option on both suiting and shirting. As time has gone on and we have developed as a company, Made To Measure has really stepped to the forefront whilst still oferring full Bespoke. We produce our own patterns on both options and do not work from a ‘block’ like many MTM companies.

The main difference between the two options is the reduction of hand work during the finishing process for MTM. Only one fitting is required also as opposed to four for Bespoke, ultimately resulting in a saving for the gentleman wearing the garment. Each pattern is still made solely for the individual client by the HJ team and the internal quality trimmings used are the same. MTM starts at £1100 for a two piece, Bespoke starts at £4200.

Please get in touch at or 01992660534 to book an appointment for MTM or Bespoke. We can sit down, have a drink whilst looking at an array of fantastic fabrics carefully sourced by our team consisting only of the finest Italian and British fabrics. We will naturally guide you through the process and advise where necessary whilst you make your choices.